Companies establish Collective Defense Community to defend as a unified front.

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LOS ANGELES, CA — SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 — JUMP Global Technology Advisors (GTA), an information technology procurement services company, and IronNet, Inc., an innovative leader transforming cybersecurity through Collective Defense, are excited to announce a collaborative initiative to defend the entertainment industry from cyberattacks. Recognizing that defending this sector is just as important as protecting the nation’s electric grid, the financial sector, and others the nation relies on to drive economic prosperity, Jump GTA and IronNet are bringing advanced threat detection and real-time sharing of attack intelligence to this integral industry.

JUMP GTA and IronNet founded by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency, will work together to stand up a Collective Defense Community for the Entertainment Sector to enable stakeholders to share automated, anonymous attack intelligence and crowdsourced threat insights among community members for increased visibility and faster response to cyberattacks.
The goal is to empower the entertainment industry to defend as a unified front to prevent harmful and difficult-to-detect threats from hackers, organized cybercriminal groups, and nation-state adversaries.
Walter Thurmond III, Managing Director at JUMP, said, “In light of rampant cyber campaigns hitting all industries, including ransomware attacks, there is an urgency to change the entertainment sector’s defense playbook to ensure that companies can operate in a secure digital environment – without costly disruptions and risk to intellectual property.”

IronNet’s Collective Defense Community applies AI-based network detection and response (NDR) through its IronDefense solution, along with an embedded expert system that rates and prioritizes alerts and integrated hunt services to detect new and unidentified cyberattack behaviors. “It does not make sense for the entertainment sector, or any industry, to wait for the next major attack when we have the tools to see unknown threats and a new way of defending together. I am pleased to be part of the JUMP GTA and IronNet initiative to deliver Collective Defense to this crucial sector,” said Maj. General (Ret.) Brett Williams, Co-founder, IronNet.
Behind IronNet is a team of elite security analysts, threat hunters, and data scientists with unparalleled government experience with the National Security Agency, the US CYBER COMMAND, and DARPA.
Also leveraging JUMP GTA’s expertise in IT services, this joint initiative will help raise the cybersecurity posture of every company that joins the Collective Defense community.
JUMP Managing Partner & CEO Aric Ackerman added, “Our partnership with IronNet will allow us to ensure that no company has to continue defending alone, especially against attacks that threaten the entertainment sector as a whole.”
The companies will host an invitation-only dinner symposium event with entertainment sector leaders on November 2nd.


Founded in 2014 by GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, IronNet Cybersecurity is a global cybersecurity leader that is transforming how organizations secure their networks by delivering the first-ever Collective Defense platform operating at scale. Employing a high number of former NSA cybersecurity operators with offensive and defensive
cyber experience, IronNet integrates deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing the world today. IronNet is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and trades under the ticker symbol IRNT.


JUMP Global Technology Advisors is an information technology procurement services company co-founded by long time Entertainment executive Aric Ackerman and retired Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond III. JUMP specializes in procuring, customizing and packaging premier digital and information technology solution services.
JUMP services include cybersecurity, telecommunications, connectivity, cloud services and next-generation technology.

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