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Who we are

Our management team is made up of experts in performance:

world-class athletes, coaches, and entertainment professionals who have dedicated their expertise to tailoring the best digital and technological solutions for your business.

We know what it takes to be the best on any field, course, court and screen.

And we've proven it.

Being the best on a global market takes the exact same skills

What we believe

Because performance is our way of life, we aim to offer the best INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BESPOKE PROCUREMENT SERVICES on a global basis.

We select, organize, and provide your company with the most agile, CUSTOMIZED solutions; outsourced and/or on premise, so you can achieve what you're best at.

Since we understand that time is of the essence, we ensure a chronometric planning of operations each step of the way—from pitch to (internal) implementation.

So you can get the edge that makes the difference in the long run.

We believe in our process, and relentlessly striving to meet each step of our clients' experience with the elite efficiency of our professional advisors.

Our Network

We know one can only be as good as the people on their team. We’ve precisely curated our exclusive network of technology services providers who have also proven themselves in the field of business, specifically: security and compliance, telecoms, mobility, cloud services, as well as private data centers and networks.

We know technology in depth.
We work with it extensively.

But we know technology is just a mean to an end:
your security,
your communications and your efficiency are our top priorities.

So we don't just mean technology...

We mean business.

Your business

Our expertise

Security & Compliance
Internet, intranet

Telecom & Mobility

Business Continuity

Fiber, Satellite & SD-Wan

Managed Services

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Los Angeles

Aric S. Ackerman

Managing member & CEO

+1 424 433 0444

Walter Thurmond III

Managing Director, Operations

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Guy Péchard

Managing director

+33(0)6 09 16 65 17

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